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Could Luxury Brands Prevent Ecommerce Platforms to Sell their Products Online


Selling luxury brands online or ecommerce platforms like Amazon, Aliexpress, and eBay has become a huge legal issue! Read more here! Selling luxury brands on the internet on platforms such as Aliexpress, eBay, and Amazon has now officially become a legal problem. As a matter of fact, it has reached the highest court in Europe. [...]

6 High Conversion Rate Factors When Choosing a Landing Page Design Template for Your eCommerce Store


When looking to build an online store or an eCommerce platform, your store’s landing page is the most vital aspect. Your landing page will decide whether a potential customer continues down the sales funnel and make a purchase or simply click away. Therefore, you should pick out a landing page design template that has all [...]

Coming Soon: Introducing Apocalyptic Conversion Snippet to Online Stores


There are vast benefits in being able to gather and glean valuable information on trends from in-depth analysis gathered by tracking the conversions of your online store. Included in the list of conversions that your online store can benefit from are Form tracking Event tracking Chats Phone tracking Having a great website and establishing a [...]