Coming Soon: Introducing Apocalyptic Conversion Snippet to Online Stores

There are vast benefits in being able to gather and glean valuable information on trends from in-depth analysis gathered by tracking the conversions of your online store. Included in the list of conversions that your online store can benefit from are

  • Form tracking
  • Event tracking
  • Chats
  • Phone tracking

Having a great website and establishing a strong presence online is the first tenet to success in the day and age. However, establishing a way to accurately track interactions happening on your website is vital. Anything short of it is equivalent can be likened to throwing punches in the dark at the eCommerce marketplace.

To begin with, setting up an effective conversion tracker ensures you gain an invaluable amount of data as to what is working and what is not within your digital marketing strategy. It also allows you insight as to how you can revise your marketing strategy in order to maximize your marketing potential.

· Form tracking

Numerous forms such as “contact us” or subscription forms can be tracked using web analytics. The way to track every form’s performance is to create a “Thank you page” for visitors to land on after filling out and submitting a form.

This action serves the purpose of relaying any additional information you need your customers to know and automatically counts the number of people who land on the page.

· Event tracking

Events are minute actions that happen within a page. This encompasses things such as clicking to watch a video, clicking on an email address to send mail, or clicking on a CTA button and so forth.

This type of conversion tracking is also made possible through web analytics. Event tracking will register on a “click” action taken on your online store.

· Chats

You must be conversant with those pop up chat boxes on one corner of your screen offering assistance after you are logged on to a site for a short while. They are particularly important to track because customers who use them are usually seeking prompt answers before they close a transaction with your store.

Incorporating a chat box feature on your site can help convert those shaky leads to actual customers.

· Phone tracking

Phone tracking on your site can help you improve your phone service since all calls are tracked and recorded. This means you can review quality of leads and how those calls were handled allowing you a window to make improvements that translate to better sales and growth.

Though tracking phones is bit more complex in comparison to all of the above, it has special significance because the customer who is taking the trouble to call is ready to buy if proper and prompt customer service is offered.


Many online businesses are aware of the conversion tracking benefits but may be unable to do the installation themselves. With the Apocalyptic conversion snippet coming soon to online stores, that will be a thing of the past.