6 High Conversion Rate Factors When Choosing a Landing Page Design Template for Your eCommerce Store

When looking to build an online store or an eCommerce platform, your store’s landing page is the most vital aspect. Your landing page will decide whether a potential customer continues down the sales funnel and make a purchase or simply click away. Therefore, you should pick out a landing page design template that has all the characteristics to motivate potential customers to make a purchase. Here are the key principles of a high converting eCommerce and online store landing page design template that you should consider:

  • Choose a Killer headline for your online store landing page design template – The main aim of a landing page is to grab visitors’ attention and convince them to continue in the buying process. Well, to be able to convince customers to click, you must include an attractive headline on your landing page design template. The most impactful headlines are short, witty and address the needs of your target audience.
    • Include high-resolution images in your eCommerce landing page header – Research shows that most people are attracted to images than texts these days. So incorporating top-quality images in your landing page template is key to making high conversions. High-resolution images not only attract customers, but also make your store page scintillating.

  • Use contrasting colors in your eCommerce’s landing page’s call to action button – A call to action such as ‘’ JOIN FREE FOR A MONTH’’ should have contrasting colors from other areas of your landing page design template. Avoid using a color that blends in. Instead, use a color that stands out. Colors that stand out make it easy for clients to pinpoint the location of the call to action button.
  • Add directional cues to your store’s landing page design template – Directional cues are features on your online business store like arrows, or individuals looking at specific directions. Directional cues provide extra motivation to potential customers to click and get to know what is hidden under the cue. Directional cues can help convert more customers if done right.
  • Stay away from navigation links in your online store landing page design template – The main purpose of a landing page is to garner leads, not to direct them to your personal or other blogs and websites. The latest trend of landing page design templates is to minimize navigation links to ensure focus on one goal: Getting numerous conversions down that sales funnel as you possibly can.
  • Incorporate testimonials below the call to action on your landing page design store – Social proof such as testimonials, awards, and authority badges add trust to your online store. Use these testimonials to bolster trust just where you want the magic to happen.


When you choose an eCommerce and online store landing page design template that addresses all the aspects highlighted above, your store will look seriously impressive, enhance your reputation and your potential clients will be deliriously happy. All this translate to high conversions.